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    Smith Brand Media has a diverse range of skills that range from Apparel Design, Print Design, Web Graphics and Video.

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    Learn how Smith Brand Media’s dynamic process allows us to better serve you and accomplish your goals with great success.

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    In today’s highly competitive marketplace, image is everything. How your company is perceived by the outside world sets the tone for your interactions.

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Becoming the Blue | One Pager

Janine Fung from Janine Fung Film Media Inc. contacted me a few weeks ago looking to ramp up her marketing materials for her documentary Becoming the Blue. Utilizing the photography …

Save Anglers from Becoming Bear Poop.

We’ve all been there. It’s 4am, you’ve donned your cold waders and trekked to the river.  You got a choice spot at the head of the pool. The water levels …

How do you land more customers?

From fly fishing I know that if you can see the fish you’re casting to, your chance of landing it increases dramatically. I brought this same thought to my marketing …