Collaborating for Success

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, image is everything. How your company is perceived by the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. An unprofessional or  inconsistent image can be detrimental to your company’s goals. Collaborating with an experienced graphic designer that knows great design, possesses a keen understanding of both the marketplace and your target audience will ensure the exceptional results you want.

The Challenge

Today’s business environment is fast paced and highly competitive, you need to be able to react quickly, bring original content and brand supporting elements to your target customer at a price point that fits your budget.

What you Need

  • A designer who understands your product and customer
  • A designer who understands timelines and can deliver collateral fast
  • A designer who can change with the times and goals of your company
  • A designer who is able to work within a budget

The Solution

Smith Brand Media thrives by helping our clients build and maintain their brand through forward thinking design. We are a small operation, that provides big firm looks designed to fit your needs. Our small size allows us to be flexible and customize our services to an individual company’s needs. Unlike larger firms, Smith Brand Media accepts jobs of all sizes.

“Mike is the most talented artist and designer I know. He is capable of any job thrown at him, from web design to garment trends and beyond. I have worked with Michael for many years as a colleague and employee/employer, and can honestly say he always comes through with the greatest ideas and presentations on a deadline better than anyone else I’ve ever met in the design business. A true professional and a great business partner. My highest acclaim.”
“Smith Design quickly got up and running as one of our go-to designers for graphics, print projects and web design. We were on the hunt for someone who would inject their own style into our direction, and Smith hits the mark. All projects have been delivered on time and above expectations, and the communication has been great.”