How do you land more customers?

How do you land more customers?

From fly fishing I know that if you can see the fish you’re casting to, your chance of landing it increases dramatically. I brought this same thought to my marketing plan.  I selected a handful of potential clients and decided to make a deliberate and targeted presentation just for them.  I knew my presentation would have to be spot on to elicit a strike. I came up with the idea to design a mock fly line box and fill it with information about Smith Brand Media. I made a small booklet, a greeting card with a business card holder and mounted portfolio pieces onto black  illustration board. All of this was inserted into the “fly line box” then packed into a tissue paper lined white box and sent off to it’s final destination.

I also know from fishing that the more time your line spends in the water the greater chance you have of landing the big one; so I created a video of my assembling the box. Now I just need the line to go tight and get clients in the net!

I mocked the box up to make sure everything fit nicely. For the cover of the booklet I took a photograph of a fly line spool and photo shopped in a Smith Brand Media sticker.

Here’s a look at the inside of the booklet, above it are some of the portfolio pieces that I mounted onto black thru illustration board.

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