Hawke and Co Collage Print Ads

Hawke and Co Collage Print Ads

Hawke & Co. is a New York based outerwear company. They’re very proud of their New York heritage and convey that message in they’re collateral.  One of my favorite projects was these collage ads I worked on. Each ad featured icons and elements that related back to the story behind each collection. These ads inspired a new direction for Hawke and actually lead to a re-design of their website.

The Outfitter collection is geared towards the outdoors enthusiast. I incorporated imagery synonymous with the outdoors and elements that help describe the vintage feel of  the collection. The catchy tagline I came up with was the cherry on top.

The Pro Collection has the extreme sport / adventurous person in mind. Products are rich with functional qualities and have a range of performance features like water repellency, wind protection and more. I utilized imagery that would illustrate the adventurous spirit behind this collection.

The Black Collection is built for the higher end consumer looking for time in the spot light and living the high life. I captured this lifestyle through the use of luxurious images conveying the party and good times offered in city life.

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