Save Anglers from Becoming Bear Poop.


Save Anglers from Becoming Bear Poop.

We’ve all been there. It’s 4am, you’ve donned your cold waders and trekked to the river.  You got a choice spot at the head of the pool. The water levels are perfect, there’s a big push of salmon headed your way. Then it happens four guys drop in 10 ft below you without saying a word to you. Congratulations you’ve been “Low Holed”!

To help bring back some stream-side etiquette and approach the subject with some humor I started a Tee Spring campaign featuring a warning sign that reads “Warning Low Holers will be fed to the bears”. If you would like to wear this tee on your favorite river stop by before February 16th and pre order your Low Holer tee and save some anglers from becoming bear poop!

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